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Welcome to Express Mobile Bookkeeping Gumdale

Hello, I am Kurt your local Express Mobile Bookkeeper. I have over twenty five years of experience in the accounting industry.  I understand the key to success is not only knowledge, but also strong core values, mystic and more importantly service.  I can assure an excellent quality service.

We are committed to providing a wide range of services with excellence.  I have dedicated my entire career in learning and working in corporations, as well as for medium to small business, gathering experience in reporting, analysis, systems, and budgets.

At Express Mobile Bookkeeping Gumdale you can be sure we will be next to you providing the most up to date and quality service.

Let me help you grow exponentially with my skills.

How we can help you?


Our services include:


Bank & Stock Reconciliations

Installation And Operation & Migration Of Accounting Software

Budget Preparation

Analysis and Ad Hoc Reporting

Cash Flow Analysis

Inventory Management

Fixed Assets Management

Business Intelligence

Budgeting and Planning

We can assist you by developing a business budget:

Development of budgeting structure tailored to business requirements.

Create basic management reporting and charts.

Personalised sessions with the owners / staff where we assist in analysing and training for budget.

Creation of more advance budgets and management reporting for more entrepreneurial approach.

Every business understands that a budget is an essential tool in the business, in addition to an accurate and timely results you would be able to track how your business is going, thus, you will be able to make decisions fast and accurately.

Systems Consulting and Migration

Every growing company faces the dilemma of changing systems to fit their needs, we can give you advice about choosing the best product for your requirements as wells as assisting you with system migration.

Just call me and set a meeting, no commitment is necessary, just let me help you with these concerns so you can be confident you are getting the best product without the drama of system migration.

Management Reports

Accurate, effective, and timely financial reporting is a critical component to any business’s success. As an experienced accountant and bookkeeper, we can help you in setting up not only the standard reports with charts and analysis, we can also create reports that suit your particular business, so you can have the right tools in a timely manner so you can make decisions more accurate.

Specialization In Restaurants

Restaurant industry is a highly liquid market with low profit margins.  I can help you implementing and monitoring menu pricing, recipe usage reports and key performance indicators, as well as internal controls over cash and inventory management.  We have the tools and the experience required so you can make the right decision on time, pushing you ahead of your competitors.

Business With TAX Problems and Messy Books

Are you having problem with GST, income Tax or payroll Tax? Have you had your books updated recently?  We can provide excellent service in these fields, but most importantly, we can help you build a solid structure to avoid further problems. Not only are we fully trained bookkeepers, we also have a group of accountant specialized in different fields.  We can help you efficiently and effectively.

Building Industry

Is your company growing faster than expected? Are you getting overwhelmed with employee taxes, rates or even awards?

I can help you not only with employee costs and duties, but also providing the most complete and tailored reports that can guide you to make the best decision on time.

We also help trades people with their books, setting up systems and giving best tax services.  I can help you by providing packages that can cover your necessities.

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Tools and Software Used

Our team is well conversant and ready to update your records using professional tools/software such as:

Quick Books




MS Excel



Alight Planning

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Belmont Heights,


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